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Master's Degree International Business Realities (en Anglais)

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Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

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Crédit ECTS: 120 crédits
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Cette formation est proposée par :

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
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Contribute to enhance the international performance of companies and organizations The IBR program aims to enlighten students on international challenges by providing them with global and cross-cutting insights into various management situations within a multicultural context. Increasing market globalization presents companies with new challenges making it imperative to educate future managers capable of meeting them. The 1st Year of the Master's aims to provide students with a solid background in International Management by teaching them managerial knowledge and skills. The 2nd Year of the Master's helps the participants to gain a greater proficiency in International Management. Students get the opportunity to analyze international management issues from multiple perspectives to be able to develop strategies adapted to the modern business world: a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. A particular emphasis is put on the development of the participants' ability to draw a link between theoretical knowledge and its application, their openness towards the different cultures and the social corporate responsibility of a manager in today's world. The program is fully taught in English. The multicultural mix of the participants and faculty gives the possibility to analyze and discuss business topics and issues from different points of view. The small size of the group (25 to 30 students) guarantees an interactive exchange with fellow students, faculty and practitioners. Launched in June 2015, the MIB-EPAS Consortium is an elite network of European partners with a Master's Program accredited EFMD in the field of International Business. Within a general framework of international development qualification processes, the Consortium contributes to the overall enhancement of the recognition of the EFMD accreditation. Masters' Degree presentation 1st year of Master, by Noémie DOMINGUEZ 2nd year of Master, by Paul-Marc COLLIN NEWS FROM THE MASTER' DEGREE IBR

Résultat attendu : Non renseigné
Niveau de sortie CFC/CEC : Information non communiquée

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Completing the 1st year of the Master's in International Business Realities opens the doors to the 2nd year of the Masters' in this specialiIity or in any other related speciality in France or at one of the international partner Universities of iaelyon School of Management. Students may also integrate the labor market in positions in which they are responsible for helping businesses or organizations - in France or abroad - develop internationally. Students graduating from the Master 2 Program have the skills and the competencies to work for multinationals or SMEs with a strong international focus. Graduates may start their career as a project or product manager in companies in an international field.
  • code ROME C1104 - Direction d'exploitation en assurances
  • code ROME H1502 - Management et ingénierie qualité industrielle
  • code ROME K1403 - Management de structure de santé, sociale ou pénitentiaire
  • code ROME M1102 - Direction des achats
  • code ROME M1206 - Management de groupe ou de service comptable

Programme détaillé

PROGRAM ORGANIZATION The Master's in International Business Realities is divided into 4 semesters organized as follows: Semester 1: September to December Semester 2: January to beginning of April: Academic program, April to July: Internship Semester 3: September to beginning of January Semester 4: 6-month internship starting from January or later The internship is a period of exposure to a professional environment during which students acquire professional skills and apply the knowledge they gained during their curriculum in order to earn a degree or qualification and foster their professional integration. Nb. of hours: 702 (358 in the 1st Year - 344 in the 2nd Year)

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Langue d’enseignement : Français

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Crédit ECTS: 120 crédits
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Durée de la formation : 0 heures

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Modalité d'alternance : Non renseigné

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Nom de l'organisme formateur : Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

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Code RNCP : 250002

Nom de l'organisme de formation responsable : Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Raison sociale de l'organisme : UNIVERSITE LYON 3 JEAN MOULIN

Numéro SIRET de l'organisme : 19692437700282

Numéro activité de l'organisme : 8269P000669

Contact : Formation Continue
04 78 78 78 78
1C avenue des Frères Lumière CS 78242
69372 Lyon

Nom de l'organisme formateur : Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Numéro Activité Organisme Formateur : 8269P000669

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